Poke at Red Salt in the Koa Kea Resort. Daniel Lane photo

Poke at Red Salt in the Koa Kea Resort.

Tasting Kauai is about real food. Real. Fresh. Food.


Tasting Kauai is for those who live to eat. It’s for the adventurous soul who craves a taste of local culture; the sensual eater who rejoices in the juiciness of perfectly ripe fruit, the springy crumb of well made bread, the tang of fresh cheese, or the clean taste of the ocean, presented on a plate.

Designed to celebrate Kauai’s appetizing abundance, this website connects you with the freshest food on Kauai and the people who grow and prepare it for you. Armed with this knowledge you can embark on your own culinary adventure.


On Our Website

Maxime Michaud, chef de cuisine Kauai Grill. Daniel Lane photo

Maxime Michaud, chef de cuisine Kauai Grill. Daniel Lane photo.

Supporting local food is our passion, and we offer Tasting Kauai as your insider’s guide to the best restaurants, chefs, artisans, beverage makers and farmers on Kauai. For more information about who we are, check out our About Us page.


Tasting Kauai offers the “best foodie advice”
“Local foodie Marta Lane runs the essential resource to local food.”

- Calgary Herald

Whether you are a Hawaii resident or planning a vacation, this website will guide you on exotic food adventures. For visitors, if you are staying in a vacation rental with a kitchen you can learn where to shop and what to buy to cook up island-style meals in your condo or home.

You’ll also learn about our local juice, mead (honey wine), rum and tropical jam makers, hand-crafted pies, island-style cookies, honey, exotic flowers and coffee grown and roasted here on Kauai. These make terrific gifts of aloha for island residents, as well as souvenirs for loved ones.

You’ll virtually eat at seaside restaurants and food trucks, have a pint or old-fashioned cocktail at island pubs, ride along the Na Pali for a sunset dinner cruise, and take a leisurely stroll at the farmers market.


From Seed…

Lisa and Sun at their farm Kumu Aina which means "land as teacher". Daniel Lane photo

Lisa and Sun at their farm Kumu Aina which means “land as teacher”.

Meet a local farmer, rancher, fisherman or beekeeper in From Seed blog posts. Learn about what they grow, how it’s harvested and prepared. We even provide recipes! Enjoy exotic produce that’s in season, as well as staple crops that enhance any meal. Read behind-the scenes stories that entertain and inspire. Our farmers market listing allows you to shop local and save money.

To Table

RumFire's Big Eye Tuna with Kauai Kunana Dairy feta. Daniel Lane photo

RumFire’s Big Eye Tuna with Kauai Kunana Dairy feta.

To Table posts will introduce you to restaurants, chefs and food vendors. You’ll dine at Kauai’s fine restaurants with sweeping views, eat a sumptuous plate lunch after kayaking down the Hanalei River or feast at food trucks with a view of the ocean.

Tasting Kauai: Restaurants

A handy guide to restaurants that make delicious food from scratch using local ingredients whenever possible. An easy icon system displays what types of meals a restaurant serves, price ranges and dress code; vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options; plus free Wi-Fi, food trucks and when reservations are recommended.Tasting Kauai: Restaurants is available on Amazon.


Foodie Extras

Occasionally, there will be Hawaiian cookbook reviews with recipes from the book, and keep an eye out for guest posts by farmers, chefs and cookbook authors. They’ll offer an inside look into the life of a foodie in Hawaii.

Conscious Eating

We care about how food gets to our table and we strive to eat local, organic and sustainably raised food that is grown in harmony with nature. If you’d like more information on what Marta calls “Conscious Eating” check Food for Thought for a list of articles, books and documentaries that we found useful, engaging and informative. Food and Farming Definitions demystifies industry language and Steps You Can Take offers easy suggestions so you can insure your food is safe. There’s also a Farmers Market page that lists all the farmers markets on Kauai according to location and day of the week. Our Glossary defines Hawaiian words that have been used on this website. All definitions come from the Hawaiian Dictionary.


Tasting Kauai is a proud member of the Hawaii Visitors & Convention Bureau.

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