Farm to Fork Food Tours on Kauai, Hawaii

Wild Wailua Fern Shoots, Kauai Fresh Farms Tomatoes and Pulehu Kauai Grown Shrimp. Daniel Lane photo

Lunch from A Culinary Romp Through Paradise is seasonal. Wild Wailua Fern Shoots, Kauai Fresh Farms Tomatoes, calamanci and grilled Kauai Shrimp. Daniel Lane photo

Tasting Kauai offers farm to fork food tours designed to connect people with the farmers and chefs of Kauai. The Garden Island offers an abundance of delicious food and produce, grown and made by people who infuse their creations with the spirit aloha.

Marta Lane is Kauai’s only full-time food writer and her husband Daniel is a professional photographer whose images accompany her articles. Marta wanted to share the best with visitors and residents, so she created three exclusive tours in partnership with farmers, chefs and artisans she has come to trust.

These tours are a playful, educational edible experiences that are based on the seasons. Yes, Kauai has seasons! As a small, family owned business, Tasting Kauai is able to add a personal touch to create memorable experiences infused with aloha. These unique tours can’t be experienced anywhere else on Kauai.


Tasting Kauai offers three tours a month, and a weekly farmers market class.

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John Wooten of Wootens Produce of Kauai holds a Jackfruit. Daniel Lane photo

Tour offered weekly on Wednesdays, 3 to 4 p.m.

Marta makes sure you’re not fooled by produce that’s grown in Mexico and sold as “Kauai-grown”. Meet local farmers and learn how to select perfect produce, when it’s in season and how to cook with it during Tasting Kauai’s one-hour farmers market class.

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Location Kapaa Farmers Market
Kapaa New Town Park, Kahau Rd.
(at the roundabout)
Kapaa HI 96746

Marta Lane