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New Farmers Market in Kapaa

Kapaa Farmers Market. Daniel Lane photo

Kapaa Farmers Market. Daniel Lane photo

The Kapaa farmers market is one of the biggest markets on Kauai, and it just got bigger. As one of seven Sunshine Markets sponsored by the County of Kauai, the market can only sell unprocessed fruits, vegetables, nuts, flowers and plants that are grown on Kauai.

On June 12, a new farmers market opened right next to the Sunshine Market. It’s an independent addition to the County market, and a goal for 60 vendors is set.

Sarah Wooton of Kauai Kunana Dairy. Marta Lane photo

Sarah Wooton of Kauai Kunana Dairy. Marta Lane photo

The new market is a division of Restore Kauai, a nonprofit with a mission to restore the traditional strength of Kauai communities by supporting sustainability, encouraging traditional Hawaiian values, and providing vocational skills training.

“We are here to support people on Kauai who are doing their thing,” says market manager Alpha Harada. “As long as it’s Kauai grown and Kauai made.

Yellow, low-acid pineapples from Koamalu Farm are $1 a pound. Marta Lane photo

Yellow, low-acid pineapples from Koamalu Farm are $1 a pound. Marta Lane photo

“We want the market to be geared toward Hawaiian culture, so I want to include locally made crafts like hula implementsfishing nets and wood carvings. Eventually, I’d like to have an educational resource center available to the community so we can pass these cultural traditions to our kids.”

Normally, the Sunshine Market is so popular, that parking is congested. Restore Kauai’s market has a large parking lot with a quick exit to Kuhio Highway. A short walk across the street using a designated walkway provides safe and easy access to the Sunshine Market.

Vendors provide hot food, value added items, and art and crafts made by Kauai residents. Some of the vendors include:

Gandule rice and empanadillas at JCs Puerto Rican Kitchen. Marta Lane photo

Gandule rice and empanadillas at JCs Puerto Rican Kitchen. Marta Lane photo

  • Fruit and vegetable farmers
  • Kauai Kunana Dairy – certified organic: goat cheese, feta cheese, sauces, pesto, fresh squeezed juice, vegetables, fruit, and body products made with beeswax from their farm
  • Midnight Bear Breads – European-style baguettes, ciabatta bread and sandwiches
  • JC’s Puerto Rican Kitchen – beef or chicken burritos, tacos, empanadillas, gandule rice, salsa and chips
  • Granny Feel Goods Kettle Corn – freshly made, lightly sweet, lightly salty
  • Hand squeezed juice, roasted and seasoned mac nuts
  • Granny Feel Goods Kettle Corn. Marta Lane photo

    Granny Feel Goods Kettle Corn. Marta Lane photo


  • Live Food – organic, vegan and raw products including kale chips, raw chocolate, and kombucha
  • Shave ice
  • Paradise Puzzles
  • Kolopua – hand dyed silks, sachets, and T-shirts
  • Aloha wear includes children’s clothes, dresses and aprons
  • Photography by Charlie Grotsky
  • Jewelry made from sea glass found on Kauai’s beaches

Market hours are every Wednesday from 3 to 6 p.m. Click here for a map.

There is enough room for 60 vendors. For more information contact Alpha Harada at 808-635-0877, or visit the Kauai Markets website.


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