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Kauai Food Tours


Tasting Kauai invites residents and visitors on a culinary romp through paradise. Learn how to buy local through educational and fun events while connecting with Kauai’s culture, aloha, people and land. A portion of all book and tour sales are donated to the Hawaii Food Bank – Kauai Branch.

Kauai Food Tour – North Shore

Kauai Food Tour – North Shore

Tour offered weekly on Tuesdays, 1:15 p.m. to 5:15 p.m.

North Shore Kauai Food Tour  is a flavorful adventure that explores a diverse selection of handmade made food including North Shore grass-fed beef, traditional Hawaiian food, pupus, tiki cocktails and handcrafted desserts. This culinary romp through paradise introduces guests to farmers, chefs and food artisans during an exclusive, guided tour, which is centered around the regional cuisine of Hawaii, where the host community lives, eats and plays.

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Kauai Food Tour – South Shore

Kauai Food Tour - South Shore

Tour offered weekly on Wednesdays, 12:45 to 4:45 p.m.

South Shore Kauai Food Tour invites guests to sample the sights, flavors and history of Kauai’s sunny South Shore. The stops are a celebration of street food inspired by Hawaii’s diverse cultures. Experience super fresh Japanese food, local food, sample tropical gelato while it’s being made and enjoy a private tasting at a fine dining restaurant. This intimate food tour runs every Wednesday, includes six stops and features the culinary diversity of the Garden Island’s South Shore.

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Kauai Food Tour – Farmers Market


Tour offered weekly on Wednesdays, 3 to 4 p.m.

Farmers Market Kauai Food Tour is the foodie’s ideal way to start a vacation. Stock up on exotic fruit and vegetables and meet local farmers. Learn how to select perfect produce, sample what’s in season and get cooking tips during this one-hour farmers market class. After writing hundreds of articles and going to more than 90 farms, Marta Lane created this class to educate visitors and new residents while introducing them to Kauai’s farmers. This tour runs every Wednesday at the Kapaa farmers market.

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Kauai Food Tour – Royal Coconut Coast


Tour offered weekly on Thursdays, 12 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Royal Coconut Coast Kauai Food Tour begins at a family-owned farm with a short stroll down an old plantation road. Guests sample traditional Hawaiian food while learning about taro farming as well as the plantation history and culture of the Kealia area. Afterwards, guests sample paniolo (Hawaiian cowboy) food, indulge in refreshing Hawaiian sweets and sample a handcrafted cocktail at a breezy seaside restaurant. The RCC food tour is centered around the beauty and creativity of the Royal Coconut Coast and spotlights the farm-to-table food on Kauai’s East Side. This tour runs alternating Thursdays and includes five stops.

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Kauai Food Tour –Short Order

Tour offered on Thursday, 1 p.m. to 3 p.m.

This tour is designed for those with smaller appetites. While our full tours offer four hours of tropical gluttony, this tour offers half as much for half the price. Enjoy three tastings in two hours at our favorite stops along the Royal Coconut Coast.

Since our tours are seasonal and based on fresh ingredients, availability and what we like right now, descriptions on our website may not accurately reflect what you’ll be served, who you will meet, or what you will experience. You can count on a full day of eating well and exploring what’s fresh and seasonal on the Garden Isle!

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Our tours a designed to create an intimate experience so we only accommodate up to 14 people. Tours are designed by Marta Lane, a certified personal chef, Kauai based food writer, founder of Tasting Kauai and author of “Tasting Kauai: An Insider’s Guide to Eating Well on the Garden Island.” Michelle Lemay, Tasting Kauai’s culinary guide, has been a professional tour guide for 10 years and has led adventurous travelers on trips across the islands as well as around the world.

Custom tours available. Find us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. #kauaifoodtours


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