Tasting Kauai Restaurant Guide

An Insider's Guide to eating well on the Garden Island.

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Two ways to enjoy
a culinary romp in paradise!

Kauai Food Tours


Tasting Kauai Food Tours
We offer North Shore, South Shore, East Side and Farmers Market Tours

Tasting Kauai offers farm to fork food tours designed to connect people with the farmers and chefs of Kauai. The Garden Island offers an abundance of delicious food and produce, grown and made by people who infuse their creations with the spirit aloha. Call Michelle at 888-431-6660 to ask about our kamaaina rate.

Tasting Kauai offers four tours a week, three food tours and a farmers market class. We also offer custom tours for large groups and private tours for small groups.

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Tasting Kauai Book

Tasting Kauai Restaurants
An Insider’s Guide to Eating Well on the Garden Island

From food trucks to fine dining, this guidebook to restaurants on Kauai is designed to take you on a culinary romp through paradise. Colorful images evoke your senses and whimsical graphics provide essential information. Icons make it easy to reference what types of meals the restaurant serves as well as price ranges and dress code. Vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free icons identify dining options for those on alternative diets. Additional icons point out free Wi-Fi, food trucks and when reservations are recommended.

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