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East Side Tour

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Experience the Flavors of Kauai’s East Side

Join us on a playful, educational, edible experience in Kauai’s East Side, savoring seasonal ingredients crafted into unforgettable dishes. Due to the seasonal nature of our tours, based on fresh ingredients and availability, each tour is unique in terms of the places we visit and foods you get to taste.

You can count on a full day of eating well and exploring what’s fresh on the island!

What You Do and Taste on Your Kauai East Side Food Tour

Hop in your car and follow our guide on a tasting adventure through Kauai’s East Side.

  • Four-hour tour
  • Exclusive access
  • Insider information
  • Intimate groups
  • Tastings at six stops along the Royal Coconut Coast
  • Sample contemporary Hawaiian food
  • Indulge your senses at breezy seaside stops
  • Enjoy tastings at some of the East Side’s best farm-to-table restaurants

As a small, family owned business, Tasting Kauai is able to add a personal touch and create memorable experiences infused with aloha. You can’t experience this tour anywhere else on Kauai. Custom tours are available upon request.