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Kauai Farmacy – Keeping Kaua’i self-care herbal + fun

Kaua’i Farmacy is one of our North Shore Tour stops where you get to learn all about growing and utilizing medicinal plants here on our beautiful island. We love to share new projects and fun facts about our vendors – here is what Kauai Farmacy has going on this season:

Kauai Farmacy’s signature Kauai herbal tea is now being offered at local restaurants around the island so keep an eye out for this refreshing tropical blend loaded with phytonutrients. This house specialty features Tulsi basil, ginger, turmeric and a seasonal rotation of lemon grass, soursop leaf and orange peel to keep it fresh and uplifting throughout the year.

Herbal Fun Facts:

Turmeric or ‘olena’ as it’s known in Hawaii is the king of anti inflammatory medicinal plants. Kauai Farmacy now has cold pressed turmeric juice available as well as a turmeric tincture. It’s also available in a super food powder to easily add a dash to soups, stews and dressings to enhance the nutritional value of any meal. This is a lovely way to take fresh Kaua’i product home with you!

Noni leaves are a staple and used in several products on the farm.  Now you can get noni juice made from the ripe organic fruit. Perhaps the most powerful original Hawaiian medicinal plant, it is well known for lowering inflammation and oxidative stress. It has natural analgesic properties to help with pain relief and is one of the most recognized adaptogenic plants.

Another fabulous new product is the ashwaganda tincture. This has been an esteemed  plant around the world for 3000 years. It has a  powerful affect on lowering cortisol the major stress hormone in the body. It lowers insulin sensitivity in  muscle cells which has a positive affect on blood sugar levels. It helps regulate chemical signaling in the nervous system to protect against anxiety and depression. provides sustained energy by balancing the adrenal system. You can find this powerhouse plant in the Love Potion Tea and their Endurance Powder.

Kauai Farmacy offers several delicious ways to incorporate organic plant based nutrition into your daily life to enhance your overall well being, your natural energy, focus and joy.

Check out their website at for seasonal updates and specials. They have an amazing team of herbal specialists to assist you when you visit the farm. Tours are every Wednesday 10-3 or come join us on the North Shore tour for an introduction to this magical locale 🌺