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We’re back and better than ever

Aloha foodie friends and family –

Wow. What a rollercoaster these last 2 years has been. Tasting Kaua’i had no tours available for 18 months. Out of the 6 Food Tour companies in the State of Hawaii, we’re the only one left.

But fear not my foodie friends, we are back and better than ever. After relaunching last year our team has gone into overdrive as our heart for our local farmers and restaurants are as big as our taste for exceptional food. In the 18 months of no tours, our company spent time and energy towards saving our local farmers and restaurants. We helped promote a stronger local circular economy, encouraged local food banks to utilize local produce, and volunteered at food distributions to keep our local families fed.

The road to where we are now was rough but it created a lot of insights for innovation. As of today, we have doubled our food tour availability since 2019 and revamped our food tour experience. A big change for us was creating walking food tours that highlight our beautiful towns that have many local restaurants that go undiscovered. Many of them are local favorites and we can’t wait for you taste them.

Another innovation we implemented was focusing on the roots of our community by creating event based experiences. Our company is focused in supporting local nonprofits through foodie events such as the Kaua’i Brewers Festival, Battle of The Food Trucks, and others.

One thing is for certain, our mission to help our local food production on island by increasing the demand for local ingredients, is needed more than ever. This is what inspires us everyday and you can feel it in the food tours that you join us on.

We have a few more surprises coming up this year and they are some blockbuster moves you don’t want to miss.

With that said, all of this would not be possible without the love and support of all of you. Thank you for supporting us and being part of our mission.


Tasting Kaua’i

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