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Archive: Jan 2015

Kauai Farmers Markets – Beet Salad Recipe

Beets take 55 to 65 days from seed to table. Daniel Lane photo

Beets take 55 to 65 days from seed to table. Daniel Lane photo

Kim and Jeff Shields moved to Kauai seven months ago. As a gift, their son bought them two tickets to our Kauai farmers market tour. The Shields were ideal guests with open minds, adventurous tastes and lots of questions. They had never had eff fruit, so they bought one to try. As I introduced them to my favorite farmers, they also bought grey oyster mushrooms, sour sop, purple cabbage, sweet potato greens, tiny orange-colored limes called calamansi and red beets with their vibrant greens still attached. They were worried that they’d forget everything they got and what they learned, so I gave them my phone number and said I’d write a blog post and include a recipe.

Hawaiian recipe for Chicken Pulehu

Chicken Satay with Hawaiian peanut sauce. Marta Lane photo

Chicken Pulehu with peanut sauce. Marta Lane photo

This Hawaiian recipe for chicken pulehu is sweet, smoky, juicy and spicy. In Hawaii, pulehu means grilled. This simple dish can easily be made by visitors who stay in vacation rentals because most properties have barbeques. Wood skewers can be cheaply purchased at Ace Hardware. Limes and ginger are available at Kauai farmers markets and the rest of the ingredients can be purchased at any grocery store. We like the sweet and spicy combination of the sauce which is made with two local products. Of course if you live here, this makes a satisfying weekend dinner. Serves 4.