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Pau Hana Friday for February 22


Hawaiian Kukui Brand Mai Tai made with Koloa Rum. Daniel Lane photo

Hawaiian Kukui Brand Mai Tai made with Koloa Rum. Daniel Lane photo

Koloa Rum Co.

Yesterday, the Koloa Rum Company announced the appointment of Robert M. “Bob” Gunter as President and CEO, and Alicia Iverson as Chief Financial Officer.
“I am pleased and honored to have the opportunity to continue building on the remarkable growth and success that has been achieved over the past five years,” said Gunter, President and CEO. “The innovation, entrepreneurship and dedication of our employees, combined with our strong portfolio of outstanding products, give me great confidence that the Company is on a winning path. Going-forward, we will continue to develop exciting new products, expand distribution and sales in local, domestic and international markets and establish strategic relationships and alliances needed to realize our full-potential.
“Since joining Koloa Rum Company as Controller in 2008, Alicia’s business leadership, expertise and broad financial experience have greatly benefited our organization. The commitment, focus and value that she brings on a daily basis strengthen our organization measurably as we strive to reach our growth and development plans in Hawaii and beyond,” says Gunter.
Koloa Rum Company produces premium, artisanal, single-batch Hawaiian Rum at their distillery in Kalaheo, Kauai and operates Hawaii’s first and only distilled spirits Tasting Room & Company Store on the grounds of Kilohana Plantation, near Lihue. The Company’s multiple award-winning portfolio includes Premium Kauai White, Gold, Dark, and Spice Rum in 750ml and 50ml miniatures, Koloa Ready-to-Drink Mai Tai and Koloa Rum Punch.

Pau Hana Friday for Feb. 1

Happy Pau Hana Friday! Here's the Island Orchid at Hukilau Lanai. Daniel Lane photo

Happy Pau Hana Friday! Here’s the Island Orchid at Hukilau Lanai. Daniel Lane photo


Kauai Made Fertilizer for Kauai Soil

This Kauai-made fertilizer is sifted to remove bone particles, and laboratory tests show it’s completely free of E.coli. Cold processed fish maintains the integrity of amino acids, enzymes, vitamins, growth hormones, oils and proteins, and rebuilds soil while feeding plants. More nutrients are available and stay in the soil longer than chemical or heated fish emulsions, and can be applied at lower rates for equal or superior results.
Encouraging excellent plant growth, the fertilizer rebuilds the soil and diverts fish waste from our landfill. Additionally, it stimulates microorganisms in the soil which allow plants to absorb nutrients. This is critical with Kauai’s deficient soils. By promoting the growth of beneficial bacteria, it will reduce compaction and increase drainage.
The addition of 10-percent molasses adds additional nutrients and neutralizes unpleasant odors. It’s designed to be simply applied by hose; a drip irrigation using a Grow More siphon mixer; or diluted and applied by hand. One gallon properly diluted yields 17-gallons of fertilizer.